5 Additional Table Rate Shipping Modules for Zen Cart

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===Zen Cart Table Rate Clones x 5===

Tested on Zen Cart 1.3x
License GPL as per included gpl.txt

This module is a cloned table rate shipping module for Zen Cart 1.3.X.
Using this module will add 5 additional table rate shipping module to
your Zen Cart. The additional modules are name table 1, table 2 etc.

Module release 05/13/2011 http://pro-webs.net/

Please provide bug fixes and issues to support@pro-webs.net

Support for installation is available for a fee and can be purchased
here (http://pro-webs.net/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=10_22&products_id=174)

===Database Changes===

===Core File Edits===

===Basic Installation===??
1. Upload the includes directory files in each clone folder to Zen Cart directory,
keeping their file structure intact.

2. Vistit Admin >> Modules >> Shipping to install and configure the additional
table rate modules.

***Changing the names of the rates.***???

Changing the names of the rates displayed to your shoppers from table 1 to UK or
Canada for example is fairly easy and is completed as follows:

1. Open includeslanguagesenglishmodulesshippingtable1.php in a proper text
editor such as Crimson or PSPad.
2. Find line3 23 through 25

define('MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE1_TEXT_TITLE', 'Table Rate 1');
define('MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE1_TEXT_WAY', 'Table Rate 1');

3. Update the quoted text 'Table Rate 1' with your new text such as

4. Scroll to the end of the file and make certain there is no additional line
break/space below the ending ?>.

5. Save and upload and overwrite the existing file. Now all references will read
Canada instead of Table 1.
===Change History===
Date?????? Version? Who???????????? Why
05/13/2011? 1.0??? ? PRO-Webs.net??? Initial Release

  • Manufactured by: PRO-Webs, Inc.


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