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Slimbox is a next generation Lightbox able to display images and iframes with totally customization Mootools effects and CSS style.

"Lightbox" was the original engine for the now famous effect that has spread like wildfire around the web over the past year or two, becoming the defacto Web 2.0 method of displaying images. However, as with most things, more efficient copies come along.

At only 30kb Slimbox is a much smaller download than than Lightbox which weights in at over 100Kb. Since JS tends not to be cached so well by browsers this offers genuine speed increases to users. In addition it is powered by Mootools effects, making it much more customizable than Lightbox.

Credits to: Christophe Beyls (http://www.digitalia.be/software/slimbox) for writing Slimbox, Yukio Arita (http://homepage.mac.com/yukikun/software/slimbox_ex/) for extending it to work with iframes and Alex Clarke for the original ZL plugin which inspired me to write this.

This probably works with ZenCart 1.3.x , although I have only tested on 1.3.7.

Contains a patch for users who currently have Zen Lightbox 1.4 installed. The patch is non-destructive (in the sense that it doesn't stop Zen Lightbox from working and if you have both this and Zen Lightbox installed and switched on Zen Lightbox overrides Slimbox).

Contains a work around for the slow DOM load issue that results in lightbox images going to a new window if they are clicked to quickly.


  • Model: MOD-584

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