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Drolex Image Viewer

This Zen Cart add-on makes your cart's product images pop-up on the same page (not in a new browser window or iframe) with dimming of the background page (lightbox effect). The viewer can quickly switch between multiple product images, using the buttons or keyboard arrows. The product images are kept centered and sized for a full view even if the browser window is re-sized. The image is presented with a professional looking rounded border. Hit Esc or click anywhere except the Back and Next buttons to close the Drolex Image Viewer. There are some customization parameters in the script. Noted below:

  • x_max_percent: 0.9, // Maximum image width relative to the browser window width.
  • y_max_percent: 0.8, // Maximum image height relative to the browser window height.
  • min_img_width: 250, // If thumbnail source width >= this, then thumbnail source is used in popup (faster).
  • min_img_height: 250, // If thumbnail source height >= this, then thumbnail source is used in popup (faster).
  • border_color: '#DDD', // Color of popup image border.
  • border_width: '15px', // Width of popup image border.
  • background_dimming: 0.7, // 0 is no dimming. 1 is the most dimming (black).
  • fade_in_time: 600, // Duration of pop-up fade in (milliseconds).
  • fade_out_time: 400, // Duration of pop-up fade out (milliseconds).
  • fade_out_transition_time: 250, // Duration of image fade out during transition between images (milliseconds).
  • fade_in_transition_time: 300, // Duration of image fade in during transition between images (milliseconds).

This should work with image management modules and multiple image sizes.


  • Model: MOD-1351

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