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Module Type: Other
Delivery Method: Installation

Zen Cart Live Help

We will install and configure Live Help for your Zen Cart, just like the Live Help on our site. Package detail below:

Package Details

This is a one time installation & configuration fee. There are no charges recurring.
Live Help Add-on Includes:

  • Full installation and configuration of Crafty Syntax Live Help latest stable release.
  • Install and configure an additional side box for your Zen Cart, button or embedded chat (PRO Version only)
  • Add an optional new Live Help Graphic specifically for your store or use one of our default images.
  • We will customize the shopper's chat window to display your logo, provided language and your colors.
  • Add your provided invitation image or create one if the custom images selection above is purchased or use one of the default included images.
  • Configure the fields for each departments chat window for you. EG Name, phone, interest etc.... fully custom.

Basic Package

Powerful Live Help Tools

  • Monitor shopper sessions and chat sessions in real time and talk to multiple shoppers at the same time.
  • Chat transcripts, messages, referrers, page visits, search key words and more great statistical data is tracked in the data section... Keep the analytical information as long as you like.
  • Monitor traffic online.
  • See what the shoppers are typing while they are typing their message to you.
  • Send & save web links, canned messages, html message, images and more in the support chat function window.
  • Use a pop-up to manually or automatically invite a shopper/visitor to chat with you if you like, even if pop up blockers are enabled. Edit the image used for invites.
  • Powerful editable Q&A section in the live help window on a tab.
  • Emotion icon pack included.
  • Online/Offline operation as well as online only. Offline defaults to the Q&A section or contact, whichever you prefer.
  • Greet guests with a picture of the support operator and log all conversations.
  • Create "Support Only" accounts, effectively locking non-core personnel out of the administration of the program... But allowing them to provide support via their web browser or a standalone program running on their PC with an Internet connection... From anywhere in the world!
  • Windows desktop application as well as web administration.
  • iPhone app requires version 3.3.0 or Higher so please be sure you are using that version or better ( 3.3.0, 3.3.1, 3.3.2, etc.... )
  • FireFox Addon

No Backlinks Package

The no backlinks version is the same as the Basic Service Package above, but this option will fully remove the Backlink and Copyright-Links from the client side of the Crafty Syntax Live Help Chat Window.

Pro Package

Pro Version Additional Features (not included in Basic version):

  • Ability to include chat on the webpage WITHOUT A pop-up window! users can chat directly from a embedded chat window on the lower right corner of website.
  • Ability to monitor Multiple websites with multiple different sets of departments from the same Live help application
  • Includes the Mobile HTML version to allow opening live help on the browsers of smart phones.
  • Removal of "Donation page" which occurs every 10 logins from operators
  • Optional Removal of "Powered by" and credit links from CLIENT SIDE of chat (Credit links still remain on the operators/admin side of the chat)
  • Advertisement-free - all pop-ups are removed.
  • Ideal for Developers and Firms using the plug-in on client sites
  • Advanced notice of new features, updates, functionality.

Mobile Upgrade

The Mobile version was designed for existing Crafty Syntax Live Help operators to now have the ability to provide live help from their mobile phones & devices. Using the new mobile cell phone text option you can also have text messages sent to your phone when a chat request has come in as well as use the auto invite feature to auto invite visitors to chat. This is a Mobile web application NOT an iPhone application.

NOTE: Add a cool new graphics for your live help to match your store's theme for an additional charge above.


  • Model: MOD-LHZC

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