Have a non-profit or charity that needs a web presence, sell products or the ability to accept donations online? If you are a non-profit and you need a website we can help!

We have worked with many different non-profit organizations and charities on their existing and new web development projects. We have vendors selected to get you discounted credit card processing, free website templates and more discounted and free services. Our own services, the very same services small businesses all over the world have used, will be discounted 50% or more for ALL labor. That means we can build you a 5 page website, which you can easily manage on your own going forward for about $200. Need a full eCommerce shop? We can do that for about $650 (that’s $1000 off).

Our fabulous data center that houses our Enterprise Servers, HostDime, also offers free web hosting to many non-profits. Get the details here.

You might ask why we would do this? Honestly it’s simple. We believe that non-profits need support to keep helping people, animals, school children, victims and more. We want to help, be on your team and in turn help others as well. Our company philosophy has always been centered around helping people. Helping you, helps us help many more than we could reach on our own.

Interested? Not sure what kind of website you want or need? Give us a call (330-871-4357) and we can help you get started reaching your audience and spreading the word online. Please remember valid proof of your US non-profit status is required and we must verify.