Joe Rugz

JoeRugs is a local small business website development project which was completed using WordPress as an easier and more effective way for Joe to distribute his content and market his business. This fully optimized small business website package costs just a little over $500 with 6 months of web hosting included!

Grow Light Supply

Grow Light Supply is a full Zen Cart store with a very fresh and highly usable Web 2.0 layout. Much care was taken in product layout, usability and navigation so that this shopping cart is fast and effective. Grow Light Supply was developed under a highly customized example of our Store Start package and we…

Outdoor Flag Store

The Outdoor Flag Store is our fully operational Zen Cart store. This is a lightly customized template for Zen Cart with every bell and whistle installed for research, fast checkout and customer touring. This fully optimized shop is fast, easy and has incredible usability and compatibility.


The HIPAA Store is an Zen cart complete store package for a well established and successful company, The HIPAA Group. The style is clean, the navigation and site flow is excellent… This store is built around the users, as HIPAA asked. The HIPAA Group took a full grasp of the development of their website and…

Snuff Gear

We developed this Zen Cart for Snuff Gear from start to finish. The store has a very nice, western appeal which relates directly to the product line. It is a store start package with some custom programming to achieve some industry specific needs. Seasoned Zenner Tom had his store stocked and ready to launch in…