WordPress is not just for blogs anymore! Businesses will save development time, maintenance money and upgrade money by letting us build their websites in WordPress.

WordPress is a top notch, easy to use CMS (Content Management Software). You, your staff or spouse can easily update content, add pages, images, videos and other multimedia content. If you can type an email, you can use WordPress.

WordPress’ community is highly supportive, helpful and active. There are thousands of free templates and plugins for your software that are easy enough for you to install in most cases.

Upgrades are a snap with the in dashboard WordPress updater, simply follow the easy instructions and in a few minutes and some clicks, you have successfully updated your WordPress software… Without paying anyone to do so!

WordPress is easily configured to be any kind of business website you need. This site, our site, for example, is a standard business website… In WordPress. You can find many more examples of WordPress’ flexibility in our portfolio. You might be surprised that, except for the store which runs Zen Cart, our entire site is using WordPress. This is exactly the kind of flexibility and cost savings your business needs.

Our WordPress Business Package is priced, built and developed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses like you. The comprehensive development package is paired with enterprise business hosting and expert PRO-Webs support. The specific pieces included with your site can vary, depending on your needs… But the included basic options are exactly what your business needs.

Maybe you want a blog and a website? No problem with custom menus (built in to WordPress) and our WordPress configuration, your new site can be both for the same money.

Let’s do the math:

  • WordPress Package: $550.00
  • Domain: $0
  • Hosting (first 6 months): $0
  • Template/theme: $0

Cost to complete your business’ website and maintain it for the first 6 months: $550.00

Ongoing costs are very low to help your business succeed, hosting is under $15 a month and your domain will cost $20-25 a year to maintain. How else can your business have a professional web presence for about $200.00 a year?

WordPress is simply the perfect software for your business’ website. Open source, flexible, well supported and documented, optimized for speed and SEO, multiple user management and low cost ongoing maintenance and operation. Give us a call to discuss your WordPress website today and take your business to the web! 330.871.4357 (HELP)