About PRO Webs

PRO Webs is a small family owned web services company in Mogadore, Ohio.  We build, optimize, market and maintain web sites for our clients and ourselves.  The bulk of our business is related to web sites run by small and large businesses.  Many of the web sites we care for are e-commerce stores and require special expertise.  Our experience has given us a unique and effective ability to troubleshoot, optimize and help our customers succeed with their online stores.

Generally speaking we currently develop Zen Cart web sites for e-commerce shops.  Zen Cart is a very powerful shopping cart and is well maintained by the Zen Cart Team.  Zen Cart as with many other software platforms has its unique structures and processes.  This is where PRO Webs comes in… We can optimize, build, repair and even consult on Zen Carts for shop owners as we have developed a finely tuned ability to use and optimize Zen Cart.

Our customers have more time for their customers as they are not chasing links, optimizing their carts, installing mods or searching for answers for the things they want and need.  Obviously, this is a better situation than many shop owners have… But we realize that not every businesses operating budget can support SEO services.  Thus, we have the “E-Commerce for All” blog.

This blog will (hopefully) help shop owners to complete optimization tasks on their own and get some help with all that there is to do when you own an online store.

While we certainly hope you find our blog to be helpful, we understand that the business of SEO and related web services are generally very vague and the information is more or less opinion and educated theory.  We welcome you to share your experiences and tips with others and learn some great stuff as well.

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