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  • Video Rage!

    Video Rage!

    I’m going to rant a bit about something that genuinely pisses me off to no end. I visit a website, for anything, and there are more than likely going to be videos. I don’t mind that one bit, some people prefer them….. But others do not.

  • 2013 & Zen Cart

    With all the Panda, Penguin and buzz surrounding them it’s very easy to get caught “putting out fires” all the time. It’s very tiring and not so successful overall… so let’s get going!

  • Dead Cheap Usability Testing for Your Website

    Dead Cheap Usability Testing for Your Website

    Usability testing is the most effective means to increase sales, shopper interaction and popularity for your ecommerce shop. Hands down, there is no more effective means to get MORE from the traffic you have. So if usability testing is SO effective, why don’t more people do it? Many shop owners don’t know about it, most…

  • Securing Your Zen Cart

    Securing your Zen Cart is not a very challenging task, but not doing so can be a very expensive venture. In this age where hackers are the best programmers on the planet and credit card company fine up to $10K, there is no excuse not to hold your site’s security at a high priority.

  • Creating Actionable Ecommerce Content

    Lastly, to help the search engines understand the actionable nature of your product pages you should includes words such as “buy”, “purchase”, “shop online” etc. When including these types of action phrases it will be most effective to string them along a keyword for the product. something such as “When buying a roo online, you…