Category: So you want to be a Shop Owner Series

  • Ecommerce Confessions: The 7 Mistakes I Made

    Yes I can admit when I am wrong and make boneheaded mistakes, and I made plenty of them. I am writing this as a reference for anyone else that is considering diving into the wonderful world of eCommerce, feel free to learn from my mistakes. Not Testing the REAL Market Well I did, but how I went about it was all wrong. I simply took surveys on price and interest in each product. I received nothing but excellent feedback only to sell two products in the first 4 months. Al…

  • Customer Satisfaction & your Bottom Line

    What every single ecommerce business wants most is for online users to type in their credit card number and make a purchase of their products…. Nice and easy, right?

  • Ecommerce Ventures and Delayed Gratification

    Many times it can seem like establishing your ecommerce store is a bit like being asked to fill the Grand Canyon with a teaspoon. You persevere, but it’s hard to see the results.

  • What Have You Done for Me Lately?

    Its very easy to become discouraged when times are tough and sales aren’t where we want them to be. Many shop owners will reach out for additional paid advertising, get rich quick schemes and other means of promoting their stores. While I have no desire to judge anyone…. Are you using your time, energy and marketing dollars wisely?

  • Advise for the New Shop Owner

    Many strange things really turn in to great things. Web pages all have a unique ability….. Even if its ability is nauseating the visitor.Anyone who has built a few websites knows that these little freak happenings of the Internet are happening everywhere.