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  • Credit Card Testing

    Credit Card Testing

    It’s scary out there and I know we can’t catch them all…. But let’s be a pain in the hacker’s a$$ this holiday season!

  • Avoiding Chargebacks & Fraud with Zen Cart

    Avoiding Chargebacks & Fraud with Zen Cart

    Credit card fraud, chargebacks and PayPal disputes can cost your business a great deal of money! These simple steps will help you manage these dangerous areas in your Zen Cart store. TRUST Building trust when you are not in a face to face transaction is difficult. However, there are some simple things you can do…

  • Your Credit Card Company is Failing You!

    In this post I will protect some of the names/information of the people and businesses involved for obvious reasons, and ONLY the innocent were protected. But rest assured your credit card company is screwing everyone, including you! On January 1st 2014 an ecommerce store received and order for $120.19 (which is about average). This payment…