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  • Google’s Cool New $itelinks

    Sitelinks are a very sought after mark of success for every webmaster. Webmasters seek these neat vertical click through opportunities from Google’s search pages, not just for increased sales, but as a badge of success and accomplishment as well. So what the heck is a sitelink really…. and how do I get the?

  • Keywords in your URLs? Matt Says Yes

    Recently, there has been an abnormally high amount of buzz regarding the use of keywords in your urls. We have know for some time that this is likely to provide a small amount of weight for ranking. However, until recently it was pretty much guesswork.

  • Beating the Google Blues

    So you have worked hard, and are starting to see so good results from your shop’s SEO campaign…. Only to find that your #4 SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is now buried below the fold and your traffic has taken a huge hit. Or… Worse yet, you just made page 1 in #9 and now you are on page 2. What the heck is going on anyhow?

  • Top 7 Trust Builders for Ecommerce

    Far too many new ecommerce businesses have little or no idea the impact that trust marketing will have in their online business success, much less its role.

  • Great Links

    We all realize that link building is a never ending need for our websites…. But, do you know what a “Great Link” is? Today we are going to delve in to the ingredients of great links and the qualities that make them great.