How Search Engines Rank Pages

You may be wondering how search engines select the top pages from millions of others. There are calculations involved called algorithms and you have to work with these to put your site in page one. The great part is that all of the things search engines look for to rank your site are beneficial to your shoppers as well.

Google Webmaster Tools Gets a Makeover

Google announced yesterday that they have launched a fresh new design for webmaster tools. If you have never used Google’s webmaster tools the you can get started with the new interface right off. If you are already using these excellent tools from Google, then login to find a link to “Checkout the New Look” in…

Great Links

We all realize that link building is a never ending need for our websites…. But, do you know what a “Great Link” is? Today we are going to delve in to the ingredients of great links and the qualities that make them great.