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  • Spam Titles Will be Rewritten by Google

    We know that Google will pull a snippet for a Meta description if your supplied description doesn’t have enough relevance to the searcher’s query. But, in this case they are pulling a direct snippet from your own content…. Not necessarily so for titles according to JohnMu who says this:

  • Google Does NOT Use the Meta Keyword Tag

    I have said over and over the major search engines, Google included, DO NOT use the keyword tag…. Like talking to the wall. So, to finally put this subject to rest and answer this with absoluteness… Matt Cutts has clearly stated in no uncertain terms that Google Does Not Use the Meta Keyword Tag to…

  • Straight Talk About Your Keywords

    There are many ways to do both more effectively… Things like usability studies and deep effective long tail keyword research will yield far better results. However, the short and narrow of it is to create usable content. Other wise you might win the battle and lose the war!

  • Google Adwords – Trademarked Ad Text

    On 5/14/2009 Google announced a policy change regarding the use of trademarked keywords are Ad text. In this new policy Adwords advertisers will be permitted to use “some” trademark keywords in their PPC Ads.

  • Keywords in your URLs? Matt Says Yes

    Recently, there has been an abnormally high amount of buzz regarding the use of keywords in your urls. We have know for some time that this is likely to provide a small amount of weight for ranking. However, until recently it was pretty much guesswork.