Tag: Longtail

  • Google Instant Search Can Kill the Little Guy

    Well, lets just say for example you are a “little guy” who has been struggling along on your excellent consistant and longtail searches. Fair enough, many are at this plateau and there is no shame as your wallet is not beefy enough to buy your success.

  • Google Mayday

    Below you will find what Matt Cutts had to say regarding this algorithmic update which has been dubbed Mayday, but I hope to provide some resources and insight in to the conditions and solutions if you lost a great deal of Google organic traffic as a result of the Mayday update.

  • Do You Blog?

    There has been an absolute onslaught of shop owners wanting a blog. This is not very unexpected, as the freshness and regularity of content carry far more weight then they ever have before in Google’s algorithm.

  • 4 Ways to Boost Searches for Your Online Store

    I think that most everyone would answer NO! We get calls all the time from shop owners who are just not making it. They reach out to us for help… Well kind of. Most think there is some magic wand we can wave to make them rank. This is a common myth among shop owners….…