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  • How does Google analyze the content of a web page?

    How does Google analyze the content of a web page?

    On March 22, 2011 Google was granted a new US patent. This patent named “Determining semantically distinct regions of a document” how Google may decide importance of web page structured containers based on location, commonality in web page containers and display. This patent may grant us some great insight in to the valuation of content…

  • Google Patent – Duplicate Document Detection

    12/1/2009 Google was granted a patent by the US Patent Office detailing how duplicate documents are detected in a web crawler system. This new patent details how Google detects and then filters or determines which documents are the “more important” version for the purpose of providing unique search results.

  • Privacy vs Local Rank

    Many shop owners seek to hide their WhoIs information for the sake of privacy. We have also advocated that, yes spam is a problem, but transparency within your business model is worth it. It would seem that Google agrees.