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  • Google Mayday

    Below you will find what Matt Cutts had to say regarding this algorithmic update which has been dubbed Mayday, but I hope to provide some resources and insight in to the conditions and solutions if you lost a great deal of Google organic traffic as a result of the Mayday update.

  • Straight Talk About Your Keywords

    There are many ways to do both more effectively… Things like usability studies and deep effective long tail keyword research will yield far better results. However, the short and narrow of it is to create usable content. Other wise you might win the battle and lose the war!

  • Great Links

    We all realize that link building is a never ending need for our websites…. But, do you know what a “Great Link” is? Today we are going to delve in to the ingredients of great links and the qualities that make them great.

  • Ecommerce Top 10 Ways to Fail

    Seriously, many of these items probably seem very stupid… Easy, whatever. I am telling you we see these things everyday and its a shame that businesses are launched, money invested and time spent to fail.