Tag: Sandbox

  • The New Google

    Google officially announced the completion of the new Google index, dubbed Caffeine for it speed and freshness. This new index has been a long time in the sandbox and even longer implementing, but it seems to deliver faster, more relevant and fresher search results.

  • Google Search Future Results Preview

    The next-generation architecture in progress for Google search, is really quite an undertaking and if successful will deliver results faster and better than ever. The project is being held in a developer sandbox for testing. The aim of the development is to increase “”size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions.””

  • Where is My Site? Google Sandbox Filter

    Google’s Sandbox is a very live and working filter within Google’s current indexing and ranking structure. You will commonly see me refer to this as “Flux”, as customers are VERY worried about the term “Sandbox” and it is difficult to explain it properly to your average shop owner.