Reviews, Testimonials & Snake Oil

The Internet has grown in to an opinion, buzz driven machine. Websites seeking user interaction, comments and participation, social media sharing, user specific search result weighting and more. This is all good and well until someone bad mouths you, your website or business in one of these open participation media platforms.

Have We Screwed Ourselves?

Google has known searchers do this for sometime…and they have preached the use of great and unique descriptions along the same line. Remember, your Meta description does not help you rank… but is rather a unique opportunity to elicit a click from searchers. This element however, if not appropriate for the query will be replaced by a snippet to better serve the searcher…. All good, no arguments here.

Google’s Cool New $itelinks

Sitelinks are a very sought after mark of success for every webmaster. Webmasters seek these neat vertical click through opportunities from Google’s search pages, not just for increased sales, but as a badge of success and accomplishment as well. So what the heck is a sitelink really…. and how do I get the?