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  • How does Google analyze the content of a web page?

    How does Google analyze the content of a web page?

    On March 22, 2011 Google was granted a new US patent. This patent named “Determining semantically distinct regions of a document” how Google may decide importance of web page structured containers based on location, commonality in web page containers and display. This patent may grant us some great insight in to the valuation of content…

  • Google & Search Behavior Ranking

    On October 27th, Google was granted a patent for this ranking methodology. In essence, the patent referred to as “Rank-adjusted content items” seeks to use click logs and query logs are processed to identify statistical search patterns.

  • Information Searchers vs Customers

    Many shop owners have never considered how people search. Regularly contract customers are blown away by the search phrases they get when they receive their first weekly rank report. They expect to see search phrases like “iPod” or “Apple iPod”, instead of “buy iPod Nano” or “buy iPod Touch”. Fact is, there is a very…

  • Microsoft Bing Making a Bang?

    New search engine… Yes. Some improvement.. Yes…. Google Yet? No way!

  • Free Reputation Management Tool

    If you’re doing business on the Internet, then reputation management is something you should be concerned a bit with. In the current climate of very popular social media and other user generated content based websites, a bad rep can bite you hard.