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  • Google Dictates Blanket SSL for All

    The correct terminology is “Connection not encrypted”, in fact Google saying someone’s website is not secure with one side of their face and then not with the other is ridiculous for such a huge, influential company. I think website owners should sue the browser companies for slander!

  • Avoiding Chargebacks & Fraud with Zen Cart

    Avoiding Chargebacks & Fraud with Zen Cart

    Credit card fraud, chargebacks and PayPal disputes can cost your business a great deal of money! These simple steps will help you manage these dangerous areas in your Zen Cart store. TRUST Building trust when you are not in a face to face transaction is difficult. However, there are some simple things you can do […]

  • Securing Your Zen Cart

    Securing your Zen Cart is not a very challenging task, but not doing so can be a very expensive venture. In this age where hackers are the best programmers on the planet and credit card company fine up to $10K, there is no excuse not to hold your site’s security at a high priority.

  • Helpful Security Extras for Zen Cart

    First and foremost make sure your Zen Cart is fully patched! No exceptions. Your Zen Cart you just downloaded and installed still needs these. Now, do these items on Zen Cart’s recommended security list. On this list please ignore the following. If you choose to do these things, your robots.txt cannot be accessed and the […]