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  • Credit Card Testing

    Credit Card Testing

    It’s scary out there and I know we can’t catch them all…. But let’s be a pain in the hacker’s a$$ this holiday season!

  • Shopping Cart Security & Trust

    The bottom line is, you must maintain a secure shopping cart for your customers. You have tons of valid and robust options at your disposal in the current market, so having an insecure or out of date network or cart is totally inexcusable.

  • Do You Understand GPL?

    Not every company can afford a fully custom developed shopping cart software…. Just for them. The next best thing is a strong community based FREE software solution, like Zen Cart.

  • What Have You Done for Me Lately?

    Its very easy to become discouraged when times are tough and sales aren’t where we want them to be. Many shop owners will reach out for additional paid advertising, get rich quick schemes and other means of promoting their stores. While I have no desire to judge anyone…. Are you using your time, energy and…

  • So You Want to be a Shop Owner Part 5 of 5

    By this point your new ecommerce store is in the final development stages and you will soon be able to add products and begin to sell your products. No doubt this is an exciting prospect, but the final development stages and adding your products and categories is by far the most crucial piece of any…