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  • How does Google analyze the content of a web page?

    How does Google analyze the content of a web page?

    On March 22, 2011 Google was granted a new US patent. This patent named “Determining semantically distinct regions of a document” how Google may decide importance of web page structured containers based on location, commonality in web page containers and display. This patent may grant us some great insight in to the valuation of content…

  • Spam Titles Will be Rewritten by Google

    We know that Google will pull a snippet for a Meta description if your supplied description doesn’t have enough relevance to the searcher’s query. But, in this case they are pulling a direct snippet from your own content…. Not necessarily so for titles according to JohnMu who says this:

  • Have We Screwed Ourselves?

    Google has known searchers do this for sometime…and they have preached the use of great and unique descriptions along the same line. Remember, your Meta description does not help you rank… but is rather a unique opportunity to elicit a click from searchers. This element however, if not appropriate for the query will be replaced…

  • Beating the Google Blues

    So you have worked hard, and are starting to see so good results from your shop’s SEO campaign…. Only to find that your #4 SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is now buried below the fold and your traffic has taken a huge hit. Or… Worse yet, you just made page 1 in #9 and now…