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  • Ecommerce Help to Survive Google’s Recent Changes

    Every shop owner should be taking steps to eliminate low quality content, duplication and improper formed content throughout your websites. No one expects to complete this in a day, to be honest I have a couple of days to spend in my own shops and we have never duplicated content EVER.

  • Spam Titles Will be Rewritten by Google

    We know that Google will pull a snippet for a Meta description if your supplied description doesn’t have enough relevance to the searcher’s query. But, in this case they are pulling a direct snippet from your own content…. Not necessarily so for titles according to JohnMu who says this:

  • Google Quality & Removal for Hidden Text

    Hidden text can occur for many reasons, most are in no way malicious. Text can be same color text and background, hidden in html commenting, stuffed in to alts and titles and hidden with numerous CSS styles. All of the common findings of hidden text, malicious or not are a violation of Google’s quality guidelines…

  • 2009 US Ecommerce Issues and Opportunities

    2008 has been a pretty fair year for ecommerce stores in the US… Despite the growing concern over our economy. The question now becomes, what does an ecommerce business need to do in 2009 to grow their sales and be successful.