Tag: Uniqueness

  • Summer 2011 Plan of Attack

    Looking at the changes and trend of Google and the other search engines, I thought it might be a good time to plot a new plan of attack. Sure, many things remain as they were… But there are also many new things we are looking at more deeply, as well as things we no longer […]

  • Do You Blog?

    There has been an absolute onslaught of shop owners wanting a blog. This is not very unexpected, as the freshness and regularity of content carry far more weight then they ever have before in Google’s algorithm.

  • 4 Ways to Boost Searches for Your Online Store

    I think that most everyone would answer NO! We get calls all the time from shop owners who are just not making it. They reach out to us for help… Well kind of. Most think there is some magic wand we can wave to make them rank. This is a common myth among shop owners…. EASY MONEY! Yep, that’s what we hear…