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  • Google Readability

    Google Readability

    On 12/10/2010 Google announced they have added a reading level advanced search feature to Google organic search. While I don’t see this as a huge ranking opportunity for ecommerce shops, I do think that Google will adapt some sort of automation for regular organic results…

  • Ecommerce Deal Breakers Unveiled

    So what is a deal breaker? Simple, these are the things in your cart that shoppers fret about, thus causing them not to make a purchase. So while every shopping cart, product and websites is different, there are some very common factors which cause your shoppers to leave. Let’s address them and some of the solutions you can use to set your shopper’s minds at ease.

  • Converting Your Biggest Losers

    With the current climate of Google’s new algorithm, I have had cause to reflect on a basic idea…. Seemingly long forgotten. Are you getting the sales you need from your existing visits? Or are you a “build it and they will come” person?

  • Smarter Searchers Use Longer Queries

    The need for helpful, descriptive and natural text on your store’s page cannot be understated. Your shoppers need this text to help them find you, identify your page as a good result and better navigate your site.

  • Have We Screwed Ourselves?

    Google has known searchers do this for sometime…and they have preached the use of great and unique descriptions along the same line. Remember, your Meta description does not help you rank… but is rather a unique opportunity to elicit a click from searchers. This element however, if not appropriate for the query will be replaced by a snippet to better serve the searcher…. All good, no arguments here.