Simple easy and enough for any shop owner to be successful. This great list of SEO tips… The good and the bad will help you get your head around SEO and heading down the right path!

SEO Dos :

SEO Tips

SEO Tips

1. Stay natural – Search engines like natural behavior for organic results. Remember this whenever you get a tempting proposal to pay for bogus software that will boost your search engine optimization and get you to the top search engine ranks.

2. Links, Links, Links – Links are simply the online world equivalent to: “Location, location, location”. Links are the foundation stones to build your SEO strategy. The quantity and quality of the links pointing to your site are the main criteria that will affect your search engine organic ranking. Never stop building new links to your shop using techniques like  articles submitting, social media and blogs. NEVER swap links, the effort is wasted on a devalued link. NEVER, EVER buy links as you may see all your hard work melt away with a search engine.

3. Page and site optimization – Remember, Search Engines need & like what humans need & like. Optimize your site’s pages according to valuable organic keywords, you have found on or Google Adwords. Support these keywords with page specific textual content. Make your navigation on your site easy and clear…. Simple converts sales.

4. Create Fresh Content – Create content frequently and in a dedicated manner. Those who perservere in this effort are rewarded with good rank and success.

SEO Don’ts:

1. Do not shoot and forget – Search engine optimization is a neverending & ongoing task. You will not see results in a day or even in a month. Do not work on one site too much too fast. In other words, add links and pages to your site gradually….. But consistantly.

2. Do not optimize only for the best search engine – Google is not the only search engine and all search engine change their ranking algorithms every once in a while. Do your best to get your site in a high place in at least three of the best search engines…. and please remember your visitors. Stuffed unnatural pages will not convert the sales you need in your online store to be successful.

Now that you have read the SEO Dos and Don’ts, all there is to do is work on your shop’s search engine optimization. Remember, content is KING!