Bare it All for a Free Site Report?

Zen Cart Report
Zen Cart Report

We commonly do Zen Cart site reports for shop owners to get a feel for what needs to be done and can be improved in their websites. These reports are not generated, but rather a hand audit of foundation SEO metrics and on site usability and optimization issues.

We would like to offer up a free Zen Cart report to a brave shop owner willing to share his/her site’s issues, url, images and other non-personal data with our readers. This means that your report findings, suggestions and related materials will be posted here for others to read, learn and even contribute to your audit.

Please note that although a winner will be chosen at random from all current month’s submissions and that I will have the final approval. This means simply that given our broad readership, shops containing for example, hate material, adult content, illegal or otherwise non PG 13 cannot be accepted.

You must OWN the Zen cart website you submit, and this will be verified… Be prepared to do so. Your site must be in English, this offer has no cash value and no additional services of any kind are implied, nor provided. Existing clients are not eligible.

You will receive our standard Zen Cart report at no charge and results will additionally, as outlined above,  be posted here for community review and participation. We will continue to offer this monthly for all to benefit, so send your Zen Cart in and let’s get started. Please use the form below to submit your Zen Cart website 1 time per month only. Shop owners submitting duplicate urls will be disqualified.

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