Jump to Results on Google

On Sept. 30, 2009 I posted some fresh new Google candy…. super snippets. A super snippet is simply a jump to link in your search results for relevant anchors within a page. Google understands that large pages with a great deal of content can be challenging for visitors to navigate. This is exactly the case with our main page.

So, not only does a jump to anchors menu help your visitors on your page, but now in Google search results as well. Now, we have some helpful links in our search results for our searchers!

Our jump to menu was added on 9/30/2009 specifically to test this new search enhancement.
I haven’t checked all along as I should have been, but checked and saw them today (11/7/2009).
How nice is it to do something that can increase your sales, helps your visitors, increases your reach and organic search real estate! Nice, we like this!