Day: December 16, 2009

  • Google Patent – Duplicate Document Detection

    12/1/2009 Google was granted a patent by the US Patent Office detailing how duplicate documents are detected in a web crawler system. This new patent details how Google detects and then filters or determines which documents are the “more important” version for the purpose of providing unique search results.

  • Smarter Searchers Use Longer Queries

    The need for helpful, descriptive and natural text on your store’s page cannot be understated. Your shoppers need this text to help them find you, identify your page as a good result and better navigate your site.

  • Free Zen Cart Report Purely Poultry

    Our November 2009 free site report winner is Purely Poultry. We welcome you to read their report below and visit their site as well. Please show some respect and do not create a bunch of test accounts and havoc on their website while poking around. We do welcome you to provide constructive criticism and suggestions…