Our November 2009 free site report winner is Purely Poultry. We welcome you to read their report below and visit their site as well. Please show some respect and do not create a bunch of test accounts and havoc on their website while poking around. We do welcome you to provide constructive criticism and suggestions for them to improve their store and business online.

Purely Poultry presents quite a unique online product, as a matter of fact this is one product line we have never worked with before. This fairly unique product line affords them an edge for rank, as the pool of fishes are few to compete with. Fixing some of the issues we found with the cart could clearly have very positive and fast results.

Below is a mildly edited copy of the Zen Cart site report we already provided to Purely Poultry. They have graciously agreed to allow us to publish this and share their issues. We thanks them for providing this medium to help other shop owners who may have similar issues and problems.

Load Speed Main Page: 237.53 seconds at 28.8kbs. We would like to see this well under 50, but the ideal standard is 30 seconds @ 28.8kbs.

On the main page only 5 HTML errors were noted, this is not bad at all… But repairing these will increase the ability for their site to be effectively crawled by the search engines and additionally increase the usability of the website.

37Warning: <img> lacks “alt” attribute
134Warning: <table> lacks “summary” attribute
150Warning: <script> escaping malformed URI reference
206Warning: <img> escaping malformed URI reference
266Warning: <img> escaping malformed URI reference

Title: Main page title is 14 characters long and the suggested search engine friendly limit is 65. Your title is 100% relevant to your main page content, but lacks good information relevant to the page. This tag should contain a short (65 characters or less including spaces) description of what this site is about.

Current Title: Purely Poultry

Description: Main page description contains 113 characters and is 100% relevant to the main page content.

This description should contain text under 250 characters in natural language to prompt searchers to click through to your website. The Meta description is NOT used for the purpose of ranking your site’s pages, but rather as a means to elicit a click through from searchers. Note that your description is somewhat spammy as it is essentially a keyword list. Additionally, this tag should be a minimum of 100 characters for Google not to give a short description error in webmasters tools.

Current Description: Purely Poultry : – Pheasants Chickens Bantams Guinea Keets Books Turkey Poults Ducklings Goslings Quail Peafowl

Canonical Domain url Check:
Your site is returning a proper canonical 301 redirect from www to non-www or vice verse. Google currently has cached versions of both.

This means that sitewide canonical duplication exists as both the non-www and the www versions of the urls work. Duplication of this nature can cause many rank issues and even split PageRank between the 2 different canonical versions.

Google indicates that pages have been omitted from re