Top Posts for 2010

The PRO-Webs Ecommerce for all blog has been around since May of 2008. In that time we have had some great posts and a lot of love from our faithful followers. Should you be checking us out for the first time, or you are curious, we have the top 10 posts based on traffic for 2010 below. Check them out!

  1. Zen Cart SEO – 12 Steps to Success – 9-10-2009 – Although we answer individual questions in the Zen Cart forum and we talk to Zen Cart shop owners everyday… We have never really put pen to pad for the proper steps to organically optimize your Zen Cart. I will make this list as detailed as possible without losing the attention of the average store owner…
  2. Zen Cart robots.txt Tutorial – 12-9-2009 – Every cart is different, the very nature of Zen Cart’s flexibility prevents the ability to create a robots.txt that can be applied to even most carts. Things like easy pages and additional pages and installation paths make the process basically a custom procedure for each and every shop. The robots protocol isn’t really difficult, as a matter fact it’s quite logical once you get to know it a bit….
  3. Color Psychology for Ecommerce Design – 6-28-2008 – What is color psychology? Very simply, certain colors invoke certain emotional and physical responses with shoppers due to culture and environment. For example, it is very effective to use bright green in your checkout buttons as it naturally says “Go” to the majority of the Western world….
  4. 5 Easy Things to Make Zen Cart Cook – 3-17-2009 – Building Zen Carts is the bulk of what we do at PRO-Webs, so knowing them well and testing configurations and modules is a big part of what we do. Today I will give you a list of 5 things to make your Zen Cart faster and better performing….
  5. Free Shopping Feed Marketing for Online Stores – 1-10-2009 – There are many different shopping portals, comparison shopping sites and product listing sites you can submit your store catalog to for free or a fee. Certainly, the free places to submit your catalog feed for publishing are a no brainer….
  6. Zen Cart 1.3.9 – What’s Inside? – 5-6-2010 – Expectations for Zen Cart 2.0 are quite high and impatient. Originally, and still in documentation, 1.3.9 is a security or rollup release. While this is true, it’s not the whole story….
  7. Ecommerce Checkout Suicide – 8-26-2009 – This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items? ….
  8. Handling Deleted and Out of Stock Products – 3-21-2010 – “I’ve deleted products. How do I redirect customers to new ones? or to search instead? ”  ….
  9. Are Your Shoppers Getting Your Emails? – 5-17-2010 – Face it, the deliver-ability of your Zen Cart’s emails is crucial to your business and is not something to be taken lightly….
  10. Did You Hack Your Own Website? – 1-17-2010 – Ok, so that’s a funny headline…. But it’s true. We have had several cases recently where a Zen Cart owner or other personnel with access infected their own site with a Trojan…

One last bit of 2010 stats –

  • The most clicked link from this blog all year was with a little over 2K clicks!
  • Our biggest non search engine referrer was StumbleUpon then Zen Cart
  • Our most popular search term from search engines was zen cart robots.txt to this page (

More next year! We at PRO-Webs wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!