Disapearing Sitemaps

Not as often as I should, but while checking up in Google Webmaster Tools this morning I noticed an issue….. Many of my sitemap submissions are gone! Sites, such as PRO-Webs which has been live for years and years suddenly have no sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools. Now, I do check Google Webmaster Tools rather infrequently, but last month the sitemaps were all there, alive and well.

Where Have all the Sitemaps Gone?
Where Have all the Sitemaps Gone?

Odd indeed! However, the reason for the post is more for you to go check and make sure everything is in order in your webmaster’s tools. Holiday shopping is already on the rise, we cannot afford to let a simple thing like this escape our grasps. So login to your Google Webmaster accounts and check under

Site Configuration >> Sitemaps

If you have missing sitemaps as well, we would love for you to comment so we can determine if Google is just picking on us… sob =)

***Update several customers websites (all old ones, verified and submitted long ago) are missing their sitemaps as well!