Month: September 2012

  • GoDaddy Epic Fail

    Moral for the story….. GoDaddy is not proper hosting for ecommerce websites, your security, liability and business should not in the hands of monkeys!

  • Customizing Google Snippets with Microdata

    In this post I will show you how to implement the Product Schema Microdata for your product pages. Now this tutorial is for 1.5.0, but if you’re sharp you can easily implement it in other Zen Cart versions.

  • Sweet Success with Low Hanging Fruit

    Sweet Success with Low Hanging Fruit

    In this climate of change, traffic drops and uncertainty, I can offer eCommerce merchants a fast, easy and effective way to increase search traffic and sales. Maybe you don’t believe you can effect your search volume and conversions without the assistance of a marketing or SEO firm? You would be wrong…. Much more than that,…