In this climate of change, traffic drops and uncertainty, I can offer eCommerce merchants a fast, easy and effective way to increase search traffic and sales. Maybe you don’t believe you can effect your search volume and conversions without the assistance of a marketing or SEO firm? You would be wrong…. Much more than that, this method is historically effective and free.

There is one caveat, you need a good analytics program in place with at least 3 months of data to get started. In our example we will use Google analytics because it’s free. Ready to get started?

The term “low hanging fruit” is actually a double edged opportunity. You have low hanging fruits that convert well and have poor search traffic, and you have fruits which have good traffic and convert poorly. We are going to help you identify and improve both in this post.

Products Which Convert Well, But Have Poor Search Traffic

This is hands down my favorite opportunity! We can take a product we know people want to buy and make it more visible in search. Getting more people to a product which converts well will add to your sales. Sales, that is why we have eCommerce shops, right?

1. Open the account you want to work with in Google Analytics.

2. Select the time frame you want to work with (top right). Keep in mind that going too long or too short can run through seasonal trends and such, changing your results. I usually use 3 months.

3. From the left hand menu click on “Traffic Sources”, then “Search” and finally “Organic”

4. Next we want to see conversion data for these keywords. Click the “Ecommerce” link.

5. To the right you will now see a keyword list of your organic visits. In the bottom right change the rows to 500 so we have more data.

6. Now the old Google Analytics could do a killer weighted sort here, but the new one falls short. So, click on the heading “Ecommerce Conversion Rate” and sort it so the highest conversions are at the top.

7. As we look down through this list we are looking for pages which converted very well, but have low visits. The reason is simple, these obviously convert well, lets send more visits to them!

Here is a great example:

cemetery flag holder has only 20 visits but converts at 16.67%

We are looking for phrases that are pretty targeted. cemetery flag holder is good, but outdoor flag is too big for this task.

8. Click on your keyword to open the detail page.

9. Now click on the right where it says “Secondary Dimension” , then “Traffi