Ecommerce Confessions: The 7 Mistakes I Made

Yes I can admit when I am wrong and make boneheaded mistakes, and I made plenty of them. I am writing this as a reference for anyone else that is considering diving into the wonderful world of eCommerce, feel free to learn from my mistakes.

Not Testing the REAL Market

Well I did, but how I went about it was all wrong. I simply took surveys on price and interest in each product. I received nothing but excellent feedback only to sell two products in the first 4 months. Al…

Top Tips for Better Ecommerce Usability

A great long explanation here is really not necessary… Usability is a simple concept. Web pages should be accessible to all. It’s like handicap parking spaces, or the volume control at the drive in…. Wider seats. No matter the issue, brick and mortar businesses have accessibility requirements (laws even) and you have a responsibility with your online store too!