Category: Checkout

  • Ecommerce Deal Breakers Unveiled

    So what is a deal breaker? Simple, these are the things in your cart that shoppers fret about, thus causing them not to make a purchase. So while every shopping cart, product and websites is different, there are some very common factors which cause your shoppers to leave. Let’s address them and some of the…

  • Shopping Cart Security & Trust

    The bottom line is, you must maintain a secure shopping cart for your customers. You have tons of valid and robust options at your disposal in the current market, so having an insecure or out of date network or cart is totally inexcusable.

  • Ecommerce Checkout Suicide

    While FireFox and other browsers indeed note this same error… The delivery method is far less daunting. Most recently W3SCHOOLS presented browser usage stats indicating that while FireFox usage is clearly on the rise, over 39% of users still use a version of Internet Explorer.

  • Great First Impressions

    If you always keep the “front door” concept in mind as you create your landing pages and continually improve your store, your chances for shoppers to become customers will improve.