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  • Credit Card Testing

    Credit Card Testing

    It’s scary out there and I know we can’t catch them all…. But let’s be a pain in the hacker’s a$$ this holiday season!

  • Google Will WARN Searchers About Sites Without SSL

    Google Will WARN Searchers About Sites Without SSL

    Firstly, Zen Cart users ….. GET AN SSL and stop being a contributing factor to insecurity, low buyer trust and general ignorance. In a nutshell Google is going to ding you ALL with a warning, even those who only accept PayPal. Rightfully so, while you’ve never been required, you should have been supporting buyer trust…

  • PCI DSS 3.2

    PCI DSS 3.2

    Here we go again…. I am writing this to, hopefully bring you the best and simplest understanding of your roles, changes and responsibilities. In December 2015 the PCI/DSS council released a bulletin containing changes which are required to be implement by June 2016. So below, in addition to all the PCI/DSS items you are currently doing,…

  • Checkout Reloaded Demo for Zen Cart 1.5.4

    Checkout Reloaded Demo for Zen Cart 1.5.4

    We are so very excited to talk about Checkout Reloaded. Ironically, the checkout modules does anything but reload =) UPDATE  !!RELEASED!! GET IT HERE Checkout reloaded is a module we have been developing internally for a more pleasing and still secure checkout experience. While we haven’t released it yet, we wanted to give you all…

  • Get More Sales … Don’t Suck!

    Ecommerce is a tough business. It moves fast, changes frequently and relies on outside factors, which are often beyond our control.