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  • PCI, Passwords & Aggravation

    PCI, Passwords & Aggravation

    With June 30th creeping up on us we are rushing to upgrade websites, upgrade servers, secure mail, block port access, require password strength and rotation and of course block hackers from websites. PCI/DSS compliance is a daunting thing, it looms over our heads as a potential to be heavily fined for not obeying its standards.…

  • Thank you for taking action!

    Thank you for taking action! Hi Melanie Last week you stood with millions of Americans to protect online freedom and innovation. Congress heard you, and delayed consideration of the PIPA and SOPA bills, which — if enacted — would censor the Web and impose harmful regulations on American businesses. We hope that today you will…

  • Stop SOPA

    You may or may not be following the SOPA / E-PARASITE controversy. If not, as website owners, you should be. The SOPA/E-PARASITE/PROTECT IP bills, summarized below, are a huge injustice to our rights, and the American way.

  • Google Product Search “Eats” Small Merchants

    The data standardization within Google Product Search has put like products from very large retailers capable of deep discounts in the same page product lineup with smaller merchants who cannot compete on price. The smaller merchants who would generally seek to make their listing somewhat unique to grab longtail product searches can no longer do…