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  • Your Credit Card Company is Failing You!

    In this post I will protect some of the names/information of the people and businesses involved for obvious reasons, and ONLY the innocent were protected. But rest assured your credit card company is screwing everyone, including you! On January 1st 2014 an ecommerce store received and order for $120.19 (which is about average). This payment…

  • Get More Sales … Don’t Suck!

    Ecommerce is a tough business. It moves fast, changes frequently and relies on outside factors, which are often beyond our control.

  • 2013 & Zen Cart

    With all the Panda, Penguin and buzz surrounding them it’s very easy to get caught “putting out fires” all the time. It’s very tiring and not so successful overall… so let’s get going!


    PCI Compliance is a struggle for all merchants. The time, cost and knowledge needed is perhaps excessive when you factor in that no one is policing the rules. Having said that we have recently come across a really stupid pain in the ass new fail for scans from a few of the PCI scanning companies.…

  • Sweet Success with Low Hanging Fruit

    Sweet Success with Low Hanging Fruit

    In this climate of change, traffic drops and uncertainty, I can offer eCommerce merchants a fast, easy and effective way to increase search traffic and sales. Maybe you don’t believe you can effect your search volume and conversions without the assistance of a marketing or SEO firm? You would be wrong…. Much more than that,…