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    PCI Compliance is a struggle for all merchants. The time, cost and knowledge needed is perhaps excessive when you factor in that no one is policing the rules. Having said that we have recently come across a really stupid pain in the ass new fail for scans from a few of the PCI scanning companies.…

  • Helpful Security Extras for Zen Cart

    First and foremost make sure your Zen Cart is fully patched! No exceptions. Your Zen Cart you just downloaded and installed still needs these. Now, do these items on Zen Cart’s recommended security list. On this list please ignore the following. If you choose to do these things, your robots.txt cannot be accessed and the…

  • Ecommerce for Your Business Marketing Endeavor

    Another advantage of the Internet is its worldwide reach. Small business retailers no longer have to have brick & mortar stores in many different geographical locations to become a national brand – by selling on the web, they can get their product seen by a much larger audience.

  • New Website Toolkit

    I have decided that all we can do is provide quality, honesty and transparency in our own business. So to that end, I am providing prospective new website owners the following list of tips and precautions before choosing a designer/developer and beginning a website project.

  • Shopping Cart Security & Trust

    The bottom line is, you must maintain a secure shopping cart for your customers. You have tons of valid and robust options at your disposal in the current market, so having an insecure or out of date network or cart is totally inexcusable.