Tag: Algorithm

  • Holy Algorithms Batman

    Some publishers have fixated on our prior Panda algorithm change, but Panda was just one of roughly 500 search improvements we expect to roll out to search this year.

  • Google’s Glitch

    Many website owners of big, small, new and old websites are report slow to no indexing from Google, resulting in drastic drops in Google organic traffic. Google has responded in Google webmaster central that this is no update or algorithm change, but rather a technical issue on Google’s part.

  • Google Shows More Results for a Domain

    Last month Google announced that they changed their “ranking algorithm that will make it much easier for users to find a large number of results from a single site”. This change affects searches with a “strong user interest in a particular domain”.

  • How to Train a GoogleBot

    Increasing your crawl rate and crawl budget from Google is as simple as training GoogleBot. Crawl rate is simply how often GoogleBot visits your website to crawl. Crawl budget is a much harder metric to define, but in its simplest terms is the amount of data transfer Google allocates to crawling your site.

  • Speed for Rank

    It’s official, Google has stated that load speed is a part of the 200 or so ranking factors within their ranking algorithm. This is not a surprise as the new algorithm seems to be very tuned for a very wholesome set of factors.