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  • Google Will No Longer Report the Query Terms that the User Searched with to Reach Your Site!

    I have in the past defended Google’s business practices and desire to make the index a more user friendly and productive experience….. BUT now I’m not so sure Google isn’t the capitalists that many claim they are.

  • Google’s Need for Speed Hits Analytics

    Google’s Need for Speed Hits Analytics

    This seems to have gone fairly noticed, but Google has started including site speed metrics in Google Analytics. For web professionals like us, this is awesome, because Analytics is easy to gain and share access for reports and planning.

  • Link Your Google Webmaster Accounts to Analytics

    Link Your Google Webmaster Accounts to Analytics

    Google announced that you can now link your Google Webmaster Tools verified site(s) to a Google Analytics profile when they use the same Google Account. This task is a simple one that integrates the data between Analytics and GWT, making your Analytics profiles available in GWT and sharing some reports and abilities between the 2.…

  • Ecommerce Spring Forecasting

    Most ecommerce stores have some season trending. This is very unique to both the store and the product line. So a store selling green widgets can be expected to trend sales in a similar manner to another shop selling green widgets… But not exactly, as they are many additional metrics that influence one’s sales.

  • Converting Your Biggest Losers

    With the current climate of Google’s new algorithm, I have had cause to reflect on a basic idea…. Seemingly long forgotten. Are you getting the sales you need from your existing visits? Or are you a “build it and they will come” person?