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  • Google Shopping Sucks!

    Google Shopping Sucks!

    In this post I am going to demonstrate to you that Google Shopping is an absolute fail, unless your products are square and fit in to a square box.

  • Google Says “Do as I Say, Not as I do!”

    Google Says “Do as I Say, Not as I do!”

    Well the same reason less than ethical webmasters use very near color CSS to hide text. They want or need the text there, but don’t really want you to see it. Webmasters however, are penalized for this deceptive technique, their rankings damaged and in turn their business damaged.

  • Important information about your items on Google Product Search

    Pretty certain everyone using Google Product Feeds will have gotten the following email, but just in case here it is: Hello, Thank you for participating in Google Product Search. We are reaching out to you to inform you about important changes we’re making to our Product Search attribute requirements for unique identifiers and tax and […]