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  • Sweet Success with Low Hanging Fruit

    Sweet Success with Low Hanging Fruit

    In this climate of change, traffic drops and uncertainty, I can offer eCommerce merchants a fast, easy and effective way to increase search traffic and sales. Maybe you don’t believe you can effect your search volume and conversions without the assistance of a marketing or SEO firm? You would be wrong…. Much more than that,…

  • Ecommerce Help to Survive Google’s Recent Changes

    Every shop owner should be taking steps to eliminate low quality content, duplication and improper formed content throughout your websites. No one expects to complete this in a day, to be honest I have a couple of days to spend in my own shops and we have never duplicated content EVER.

  • Easy SEO?

    Easy SEO, this is a term as similar as black and white. You can benefit from the content of this post if you are determined to succeed in your ecommerce business, and you have some common sense. If so, please read on…

  • Reverse Domain Name Marketing

    More and more we are seeing off the wall, non words become solidly branded domain/company names. Names like Hulu.com, which essentially meant nothing at its time of inception can be very successfully branded and promoted.

  • Free Shopping Feed Marketing for Online Stores

    There are many different shopping portals, comparison shopping sites and product listing sites you can submit your store catalog to for free or a fee. Certainly, the free places to submit your catalog feed for publishing are a no brainer… But what about PPC (Pay Per Click), Pay Per Lead, and Pay Per Impression listing…