Tag: Page Optimization

  • Google April 2010 PageRank Update

    Normally, I would not blog this, as I am a fervent believer in the “PageRank is not a big deal” mentality. You see, I put little if any stock in that little green bar, and instruct our clients likewise. We rather belong to the “build it and they will come” theory of SEO. In part…

  • Creating Great Product Page Titles

    In your product page titles there are more possibilities and more specific needs for searchers. Relevancy is still the key, as an irrelevant title will not perform for you. So we have some simple and easy to implement tips below for creating highly effective product page titles which will help you rank and supply the…

  • Anatomy of On Page Optimization

    Today, I will attempt to give shops owners a crash course on how to optimize your pages. The elements for optimizing pages in really very deep… But lets scratch the surface and get you started.

  • What Have You Done for Me Lately?

    Its very easy to become discouraged when times are tough and sales aren’t where we want them to be. Many shop owners will reach out for additional paid advertising, get rich quick schemes and other means of promoting their stores. While I have no desire to judge anyone…. Are you using your time, energy and…

  • Advise for the New Shop Owner

    Many strange things really turn in to great things. Web pages all have a unique ability….. Even if its ability is nauseating the visitor.Anyone who has built a few websites knows that these little freak happenings of the Internet are happening everywhere.