Creating Great Product Page Titles

Product Titles
Product Titles

Ranking your ecommerce store is a very specific task. Your online store has the same needs…. But in many cases different techniques are used to meet the need. One of these highly important optimization techniques is creating great product page titles. Your page title is the single most important on page optimization element of any page, yet still the technique for creating a engaging and relevant title for ecommerce products is quite different from standard pages.

Take the title of this post as an example, while this is a great title for a blog post, it would be very poor for a product page. In your product page titles there are more possibilities and more specific needs for searchers. Relevancy is still the key, as an irrelevant title will not perform for you. So we have some simple and easy to implement tips below for creating highly effective product page titles which will help you rank and supply the searcher with the proper product information as well.

Product Page Title Tips

  1. Relevancy : Everything is lost if your page title is not relevant to the page’s content. The BEST practice is to create great, unique and descriptive text on your product pages and then craft a highly relevant title from the page. So if you want the page to rank for “green bananas”, then you write about “green bananas”…. Not “green tomatoes”. Your page text must be unique, do not copy others page descriptions… Write great content about the product for your customers and you will be right on.
  2. Length : Shorter is better…. Avoid stop and poison words like (cheap, and, if, or, the). You need to be 65 characters (including spaces) or less. This is NOT a keyword list. The words you choose should accurately describe the product and be reflected in the page text.
  3. Product Info : If your prices are competitive, then including the price in the end of the title is very effective for searchers to pick the best deal directly from the search page. If your products are “Big Brand” and have a well known or searched model, SKU or MPN then include it for specific and high converting searches. Do not include your own product ID or stock number as its clearly not search able.
  4. Call to Action : Your products should contain a short and relevant call to action. Adding phrases like “Free Shipping”, “Guaranteed” or even things like “Eco Friendly” are great for a call to action. In lieu of these types of action phrases, phrases like “Buy Now” or “Online Ordering” are good too.
  5. Ordering : The most important items are first and less important are last. The search engines read left to right also. So the product name is going to be first… then moving right the information is less important. See example below.

Apple iPod Touch 8GB MP3 Player $229.00 MB528LLA – Free Shipping

The point here is not only to deliver highly relevant title to searcher and search engines alike, but also to choose your searches better.

A great example of this is to search for “how to buy ipod apps”, this is an information seeking query…. Not a good bet for a conversion. So titles like “How to Buy iPod Apps” may bring some traffic they are not looking for your products. These titles are better suited for your information and help pages within your store.

For your product pages you want to use very descriptive information in your page and titles to grab searchers who are trying to buy… or researching prices and options…. Buyers. Your product page titles are the first step and a key element in creating a highly converting ecommerce website. If they land on the right page… they are simply that much closer to buying from you. The right kind of traffic makes all the difference.