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  • Product Titles That Rock

    Product Titles That Rock

    A great product title describes the product in a short (63 characters or less) and concise manner, but there is no reason why you cannot add some flair to elicit clicks more efficiently.

  • Spam Titles Will be Rewritten by Google

    We know that Google will pull a snippet for a Meta description if your supplied description doesn’t have enough relevance to the searcher’s query. But, in this case they are pulling a direct snippet from your own content…. Not necessarily so for titles according to JohnMu who says this:

  • Creating Great Product Page Titles

    In your product page titles there are more possibilities and more specific needs for searchers. Relevancy is still the key, as an irrelevant title will not perform for you. So we have some simple and easy to implement tips below for creating highly effective product page titles which will help you rank and supply the…

  • What Have You Done for Me Lately?

    Its very easy to become discouraged when times are tough and sales aren’t where we want them to be. Many shop owners will reach out for additional paid advertising, get rich quick schemes and other means of promoting their stores. While I have no desire to judge anyone…. Are you using your time, energy and…

  • Does My Online Store have Duplicate Content?

    Google is all over duplicate content, your site will suffer for it. But what exactly is duplicate content? The biggest problem is…