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  • Panda Power

    Panda Power

    Now that Panda has started to affect sales we are hearing more questions from webmasters…. Problems with loss of rank, sales and traffic from Google are now pretty clear and present for Zen Cart owners. I wanted to take a quick look at what to do to begin to restore your site’s rank, traffic and…

  • Ecommerce is Not eBay

    My best advice to eBay merchants looking to move some of their business to the more stable ecommerce platform is to completely “unthink” the eBay and get some help. Find a professional ecommerce developer and listen to everything they tell you…. Even if it goes against your eBay grain.

  • Straight Talk About Your Keywords

    There are many ways to do both more effectively… Things like usability studies and deep effective long tail keyword research will yield far better results. However, the short and narrow of it is to create usable content. Other wise you might win the battle and lose the war!