Now that Panda has started to affect sales we are hearing more questions from webmasters…. Problems with loss of rank, sales and traffic from Google are now pretty clear and present for Zen Cart owners. I wanted to take a quick look at what to do to begin to restore your site’s rank, traffic and sales.

This “Quality” post from Google really holds most of the information needed to overcome the losses. I have summarized these below for ecommerce website owners and added some targeted shopping cart notes to help you move past Panda.

Trust, Quality and Duplication

Trust is, and has always been a huge indicator for all websites… Especially ecommerce, as it affects sales as well as rank. Google has devised some simple questions to help you determine if your pages can, should be trusted.

Is your cart a recognized authority in the realm of your products? Do you at least act like one by providing tutorials, information and tips?

Would you trust the information presented in your pages? Looking at your pages, especially product descriptions, ask yourself if the information is descriptive enough, lengthy enough and written well enough to give shoppers a feeling of trust.

Is your content written by a person who knows the topic well, or is it more shallow in nature? Are you paying for content from a non niche content writing service? Does your content contain dull and mundane facts, or is it well written by someone who knows the products and can provide interesting tips, enthusiasm and accuracy?

Would you be comfortable giving your credit card information on your cart? This is a big one… We have covered many times. Phone number in a prominent location, easy to find and follow navigation, shipping readily available w/o the need to create an account… etc. Look at your website through the shoppers eyes. The days of tricks for clicks have passed and you MUST be giving the necessary “Trust” signals to your shoppers.

Does the site have pages you’d want to bookmark, share with a friend, or recommend? Face it, those of you promoting your products in social media avenues w/o eliciting interaction are wasting your time. Provide top quality content that people want to share… In the “old days” we called this “Link Bait”. Is your content moving people to link to you? If not…. Your content is not moving people to share it either!

Would users complain when they see pages from your site? Does your site suck? Do shoppers get lost, land on irrelevant pages from searches, are your descriptions garbage? Face it, you need to earn your sales and you lack the ability to look these shoppers in the eye so your pages must project the necessary information to complete the sale.

Have you poor grammar or misspellings in your product descriptions? I recently can across a friend who found a misspelling on a retailers website… EFFECT instead of AFFECT. The person thought the retailer was so dumb and it was so funny they sha